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Desha Peacock

Hello, I’m Desha Peacock and I am a multi-passionate solo-preneur! My calling is to help you see the bigger possibilities that exist in your life so you can thrive in your Sweet Spot: a self defined place of success and beauty. Whether you need encouragement to take the leap into your dream career, want to create a home that reflects your authentic style and values, or would like a personal style makeover, I’m your gal.


The Official Bio

Desha Peacock is an Author, Speaker, Retreat Leader and LifeSTYLE Design Coach. She’s helped hundreds of people find their “Sweet Spot”- a self-defined place of success and beauty. Her first book Create the Style you Crave on a Budget you can Affordwas listed in the Huff post as “the book to give your girlfriend” and sold out in less than 20 days. It is now in it’s second printing.

An avid seeker of beauty and culture, she’s explored the bazaars of Africa, the Middle East, Europe, and Central America.  She’s slept in two-dollar hostels in Guatemala and boarded million dollar yachts in the Mediterranean, all the while gathering inspiration that feeds her own unique personal style.

Desha holds a Master’s degree from The School for International Training, is a certified Global Career Development Facilitator and has led workshops + retreats across the globe. She’s been quoted in the Huffington Post, Yahoo News.com, Career Rookie, US News Money and has made radio and TV appearances across the nation.

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