Create the Life you Crave Workshop in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico!

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Create the Life you Crave, Sweet Spot Style

personal development workshop in san miguel de allende

Join me in beautiful San Miguel de Allende!

San Miguel de Allende, Mexico!
Thursday Feb 13, 9:30-12:30
Hosted at the LifePath Center


Have you ever thought to yourself, if only I knew what my purpose was, I’m sure I could accomplish it? In this transformative workshop, you will receive the tools you need to gain clarity and focus around your deep inner desires so that you can create a heart-felt, intuitive life intention. Desha will share the secret of how she manifested her own dreams through powerful visualization techniques that really work.

Because transformation takes time and you need support, this workshop offers a supplemental special 12- month online component. Participants will have access to a private online forum where we will hold each other accountable by checking in once a month, supporting each other through the struggles and celebrating the big wins.


9:30-10:30     Visualization. Meditation. Craft your life intention (or your intention for the year, if that feels better.)

10:30-11:30     Get inspired. Learn the process.

11:30-12:30     Make an action plan. Closure.

AND FOR ONE YEAR AFTER… add the optional 12 month online component and  you’ll have access to our private online forum where you will be encouraged, supported and cheered on until we celebrate at the end.

About Your Teacher

With a background in career development and a strong intuitive sense, Desha Peacock has held the titles of “master manifester” “empath” and “personal guru”. She’s manifested the home of her dreams, financial abundance, international travel opportunities, and much more through her tried and true process. Any creative person, whether an artist, performer, writer, designer or stylist will love how she incorporates visual inspiration and style in all she does. Want to know more? Here’s the full bio.


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