Learn how I manifested my dream home with no savings, no job and a newborn baby.

Make My Day

Need a Quick Fix?

Then this is for you!

Can you help me with my resume? My toddler hid my office keys… help me get organized! What should I wear to the company Christmas party and p.s. I’m in love with my boss.

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This Might Take A While

Need a little more help?

This is for you if you’ve been struggling with a problem for a while and need some clarity, direction and motivation. I’m in a funk and want to quit my job, but I don’t know what the heck I want to do, help. I’d like to remodel my kitchen, but have no money or time, help. I hate my thighs and want a whole new look and have no idea where to start, help!

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The Book

When it comes to the home, it’s essential to feel like you’re in your Sweet Spot.

learn how to create your own Sweet Spot that reflects who you are and what’s important to you so you can draw more of that into your life.

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Home Decor

10 Sweet Spot Style Tips + Mexico Retreat Survey

Hello there! How’s your week going my dear? Mine is going really well and here’s why- as I mentioned last week, I’m designing an exclusive Sweet Spot Style Retreat to San Miguel de Allende!!! Remember, I went there last year to finish my book?  The minute I arrived, I fell in love. It put me right in […]

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Is your work enhancing your life or deadening It?

I am not Buddhist, but I recently read a passage in Making Peace With Money, by Jerrold Mundis that got my attention. Mundis describes that in Buddhism, there are two ways to live, “One- via impulse and circumstances- like a twig in the storm or the ‘wandering about’ method. Two- the way of intentional living […]

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Personal Style

Do Your Clothes Make You Feel Yucky?

Hello!  Since my last post, I’ve received some great questions from you on how to live fully in your Sweet Spot, and a lot of them are around personal style. So today I’d like to address this Sweet Spot Style Dilemma that comes to us all the way from Singapore. Sweet Spot Style Dilemma  “I […]

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